Words Crush: For The Word Searcher

For ages, word searches have been a challenging source of intellectual entertainment for many, many people. However, while paper word searches can be fun, they don’t always offer lots of variety or accessibility for puzzle-lovers long-term.

Now, there’s a much better solution: Countless word searches are available at the tips of your fingers with Words Crush, a new mobile game by popular puzzle-maker Bitmango (here is a link to all Bitmango Games on Android Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=BitMango).

The premise of the game is simple: Like a usual word search, users work to find all of the hidden words amidst a jumbled grid of letters. Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or even backwards, but the quicker you find them all, the more points you can rack up. Answers are highlighted as you find them to keep the words organized and clear. Find every hidden word in the puzzle, and you’re free to move on to the next level.

Unlike most traditional word searches though, Words Crush offers a multitude of puzzles, varying level difficulties, and the convenience of having it all on your mobile phone or tablet. With five different level types–Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme, and Variety–it’s enough to occupy any puzzle-lover for hours.

Sure, a fair share of word search apps exist on the market. However, to give its players a constantly engaging experience, Words Crush includes a fun collection of features that update regularly for optimal game play. Each day, players are given an all new word search and there are websites revealing all this answers – for example this one has daily words crush puzzle answers: wordscrush.org/daily-puzzles/ , as well as daily bonus rewards and periodic “quests” that players can engage in. These updates make sure you always have new content, puzzles, and challenges to work with, keeping the game appealing every single day.

Players are also able to link their Words Crush gaming profiles to their Facebook accounts, allowing them to engage directly with friends and compare Words Crush scores. The more friends that share the Words Crush app, the more you can connect and compete. Over time, you may even be able to climb up Bitmango’s rating system and earn some top ranks of your own.

With so many different levels and answers, Words Crush holds not only a gratifying amount of fun, but a nice level of intellectual value as well. By being exposed to new words throughout the search, you can naturally improve your spelling, vocabulary, and even your concentration skills. Therefore, the game offers an interesting educational experience as well as a downright fun one.

As mentioned before, Words Crush is available on both mobile phones as well as tablets. The game is also compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and game updates are simple and free. Overall, no matter where you choose to play, Words Crush is easily accessible for all.

Altogether, Words Crush offers a convenient, fun, and engaging gaming experience whether you’re new to puzzle games or a seasoned word searcher. The navigation is simple, but the game offers a formidable challenge that keeps it fresh and addictive.

Captivating and varied enough to occupy hours of brain-boggling gaming, Words Crush may be just what you need to unlock the hidden wordsmith in you.

Pixduel Game

Pixduel Game
Pixduel Game

Pixduel is a trivial game that allows you to play with pop culture pictures. You’ll be able to challenge your friends as well as family members with this amazing game. Inviting your Facebook friends to duel is a cinch, as Pixduel has excellent Facebook integration. There are also some improvements in terms of stability and performance. The team behind Pixduel has been working hard fixing bugs this year. Though you might have some issues when you try to open the app in your mobile device, Pixduel functions very well.

Great Challenges

Pixduel game will challenge you to think, and you can also play against everyone out there. Though some users want to earn coins not points, the game is just awesome. If you have some issues with the game, you can also email customer support and they will be there for you right away. Users playing this game on an iOS device tend to have no issues, but you can also use it on Android devices. You might get frustrated with the way questions are made and the number of questions repeated, but Pixduel is here to stay anyway.

Awesome Game

Pixduel is an awesome game. Though a gamer might feel pain when he or she doesn’t take a turn quick enough, this app is just amazing. This app isn’t for kids as they might see some abuse, but Pixduel is cool. You will have tons of fun, but people might take a game and don’t have a way to finish. Hours might go by for you and even days. You might feel frustrated when another player cannot play back. If 48 hours is too much for you, Pixduel isn’t for you. However, Pixduel has amazing questions and features, so you should be happy.

Addictive Features

Pixduel is an addictive game, and you’ll want to play all day long. Sometimes you might feel forced to upgrade, but you can live with this. Though you might see the same questions over and over again, you will love this game. This fun, challenging game is what you need to have a blast today. You might want to see some avatars and upgrades for free, but Pixduel is fine. Some ads might drive you crazy from time to time, but this isn’t a problem for many players. While playing you can find fast answers on this website but you must be really fast. Trick – Leave window open and switch between apps to find answers fast.


– Fun game.
– Interesting questions.
– Awesome graphics.


– You might have to deal with crashes.


Pixduel is here to stay as it has tons of amazing questions and features. You’ll love this addictive, challenging game. Though you might have to face some crashes here and there, Pixduel is just awesome. You will want to play this game all day long, but some questions might get you frustrated. You need to have tons of patience with Pixduel, as some players might not play back when you want it most. All in all, Pixduel is a very good game and you’ll have a blast with this amazing, entertaining app at all times. So what are you waiting for? Download Pixduel today and have tons of fun immediately.

5 Android Games You Must Play Right Now

Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse

If you are looking for a simple turn-based game that uses tactical strategy, look no further than Frozen Synapse. You control an elite group of neon green army men and are expected to capture or eliminate all enemy targets. Unlike other turn-based games, Frozen Synapse makes both teams play out their turns simultaneously. This means you will have to anticipate every move your opponent is going to make and react promptly to their previous turn.



Pixwords is an incredible word based challenge game that is available in 22 languages.

Every word that you encounter is a crossword puzzle that has been hidden in a picture. Are you going to be able to solve every word?

Once you have solved the word another will open until the puzzle has been fully revealed! If you encounter any difficulties you can always find help online for all supported languages like the Romanian Pixword Answers

This is a great free game with simple rules and will keep you coming back for more. And just watch what it does for your vocabulary!



Have you had it with games that get you too wound up and exhausted? Of you need something a little more relaxing take note of Osmos. The goal of this game is to suck up small motes while avoiding the large ones that have the ability to suck you up. The key to success in this game is using your propulsion sparingly as the more you use it the smaller you will get. This is a simple game and one that you are sure to enjoy. Nothing is better than relaxing on the couch and playing a long game of Osmos.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

Haunt the House Terrortown

This game is going to offer you a bit of a twist on the typical ghost game. Usually, we are the ones being chased by the ghost. In this game, we are the ghost and we are desperately trying to run everyone out of the neighborhood. This is actually a sequel to the original flash game known as Haunt the House. The premise to the game is very simple: you haunt the town and try to get all the people to run away. You can do this by taking control of furniture and make huge spectacles that will have them on the run. This is actually a real cute game that will give you several hours of fun play.

World of Goo


Many people get this game all wrong and are surprised that it is actually about manging physics and building creations. The object of the game is to get all of your balls of goo to one side of the screen. Now it’s not that easy as there is difficult terrain to pass over by building unique structures with your goo. Think of this as building a house of card or even a bridge out of popsicle sticks. Most of the fun in this game is making the mistakes and learning from them. While many of your goo structures will collapse when you get the one that stands it is priceless!

Binary Options and Forex

Binary options are another way to play the foreign currency, FOREX, fair for traders. Binary option are a relatively expensive method to trade Forex as compared to leveraged spot Forex tradeoff presented by an emerging number of brokers but since the maximum possible loss is prevented and established in advance makes it the greatest advantage of binary options. They are preferred investment tool by different traders since they entail beneficial and limitless features.

Forex trading in different markets has been in existence for a couple of years. It requires special trading expertise, so beginners have a hard time getting started with this trading instrument. Traders exchange the binary options with the leading currencies, commodities and stocks on their ideal trading platform

Binary options stockbrokers let you begin trading from $5 per trade. The importance of this is, from this little sum genuine profit potential can be achieved. Comparing to Forex trading, the least investment in most cases $50-$1000 which most traders are unwilling to layout

Trading in Binary options has the following key advantages:

Diverse Portfolio: Binary options provide the ability to significantly diversify your investment collection. This is because it can trade on a massive amount of essential assets on the best trading platforms, hence increasing your potential of making money.Simple: The greatest advantage of binary options is the aspect of simplicity. You only need to select a Call, choose the investment fee and pick the expiry period. It is that simple Trade Diverse Assets: It has the ability to trade on properties from several markets all over the world hence you can alter your means of trading according to the market you wish to trade.Less risky: Trading in binary options involves limited risk especially if you learn how to manage risk efficiently when trading; from the beginning of trading one knows the expected return

Binary opbinary-optionstions offer over wide range benefits to other forms of investments as follows:


Trading Flexibility: The unlimited trading flexibility enables one to select a parameter of the best selected option one wishes to invest their funds in. An additional bonus enables one to trade back an asset to the broker before the initial expiry period. Several brokers provide this while others are still weighing options. Given the right expertise, a trader can make good second returns from binary options.Portfolio Diversity: One can trade numerous assets such as stocks, merchandises and indices. This is an exclusive feature to binary options, enabling traders to invest regardless of how much they wish to diversify markets. This aim at making highest incomes during long run.No Commissions: The most vital benefit of binary options exchange over other forms of venture is the lack of commissions. This enables traders to save a reasonable amount of money. Over some time this enables you to add more profits which you could not realize were achievable.Instant Returns: It allows for instant returns especially for day traders and those that love to trade in short term. One can expand the profits during the course of the trading day, enabling him/her to multiply their winnings severally throughout a trading week.

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