5 Android Games You Must Play Right Now

Frozen Synapse

Frozen Synapse

If you are looking for a simple turn-based game that uses tactical strategy, look no further than Frozen Synapse. You control an elite group of neon green army men and are expected to capture or eliminate all enemy targets. Unlike other turn-based games, Frozen Synapse makes both teams play out their turns simultaneously. This means you will have to anticipate every move your opponent is going to make and react promptly to their previous turn.



Pixwords is an incredible word based challenge game that is available in 22 languages.

Every word that you encounter is a crossword puzzle that has been hidden in a picture. Are you going to be able to solve every word?

Once you have solved the word another will open until the puzzle has been fully revealed! If you encounter any difficulties you can always find help online for all supported languages like the Romanian Pixword Answers

This is a great free game with simple rules and will keep you coming back for more. And just watch what it does for your vocabulary!



Have you had it with games that get you too wound up and exhausted? Of you need something a little more relaxing take note of Osmos. The goal of this game is to suck up small motes while avoiding the large ones that have the ability to suck you up. The key to success in this game is using your propulsion sparingly as the more you use it the smaller you will get. This is a simple game and one that you are sure to enjoy. Nothing is better than relaxing on the couch and playing a long game of Osmos.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

Haunt the House Terrortown

This game is going to offer you a bit of a twist on the typical ghost game. Usually, we are the ones being chased by the ghost. In this game, we are the ghost and we are desperately trying to run everyone out of the neighborhood. This is actually a sequel to the original flash game known as Haunt the House. The premise to the game is very simple: you haunt the town and try to get all the people to run away. You can do this by taking control of furniture and make huge spectacles that will have them on the run. This is actually a real cute game that will give you several hours of fun play.

World of Goo


Many people get this game all wrong and are surprised that it is actually about manging physics and building creations. The object of the game is to get all of your balls of goo to one side of the screen. Now it’s not that easy as there is difficult terrain to pass over by building unique structures with your goo. Think of this as building a house of card or even a bridge out of popsicle sticks. Most of the fun in this game is making the mistakes and learning from them. While many of your goo structures will collapse when you get the one that stands it is priceless!

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