Pixduel Game

Pixduel Game
Pixduel Game

Pixduel is a trivial game that allows you to play with pop culture pictures. You’ll be able to challenge your friends as well as family members with this amazing game. Inviting your Facebook friends to duel is a cinch, as Pixduel has excellent Facebook integration. There are also some improvements in terms of stability and performance. The team behind Pixduel has been working hard fixing bugs this year. Though you might have some issues when you try to open the app in your mobile device, Pixduel functions very well.

Great Challenges

Pixduel game will challenge you to think, and you can also play against everyone out there. Though some users want to earn coins not points, the game is just awesome. If you have some issues with the game, you can also email customer support and they will be there for you right away. Users playing this game on an iOS device tend to have no issues, but you can also use it on Android devices. You might get frustrated with the way questions are made and the number of questions repeated, but Pixduel is here to stay anyway.

Awesome Game

Pixduel is an awesome game. Though a gamer might feel pain when he or she doesn’t take a turn quick enough, this app is just amazing. This app isn’t for kids as they might see some abuse, but Pixduel is cool. You will have tons of fun, but people might take a game and don’t have a way to finish. Hours might go by for you and even days. You might feel frustrated when another player cannot play back. If 48 hours is too much for you, Pixduel isn’t for you. However, Pixduel has amazing questions and features, so you should be happy.

Addictive Features

Pixduel is an addictive game, and you’ll want to play all day long. Sometimes you might feel forced to upgrade, but you can live with this. Though you might see the same questions over and over again, you will love this game. This fun, challenging game is what you need to have a blast today. You might want to see some avatars and upgrades for free, but Pixduel is fine. Some ads might drive you crazy from time to time, but this isn’t a problem for many players. While playing you can find fast answers on this website but you must be really fast. Trick – Leave window open and switch between apps to find answers fast.


– Fun game.
– Interesting questions.
– Awesome graphics.


– You might have to deal with crashes.


Pixduel is here to stay as it has tons of amazing questions and features. You’ll love this addictive, challenging game. Though you might have to face some crashes here and there, Pixduel is just awesome. You will want to play this game all day long, but some questions might get you frustrated. You need to have tons of patience with Pixduel, as some players might not play back when you want it most. All in all, Pixduel is a very good game and you’ll have a blast with this amazing, entertaining app at all times. So what are you waiting for? Download Pixduel today and have tons of fun immediately.

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